Professional Sites

Double M Web Design

Welcome to our website. We chose a particular theme and built it using WordPress. It has many custom aspects throughout that demonstrate what we could do for your future website. Don’t hesitate to contact us about a FREE consultation to get started!

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Cutright & Allen, Inc.

We were approached by Cutright & Allen, Inc. to redesign/revamp their original website. They wanted to be able to manage the website on their own so WordPress was the main focus for this website. Anyone without web development knowledge can manage a website if it is using WordPress. They all agreed on a particular theme and we created their current professional website for them with many custom features.

St. John Picnic

The tradition of the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church is their Annual Church Picnic which is held on July Fourth (Independence Day). We are parishioners of St. John’s so we decided to help out by managing their St. John Picnic website. This website was built entirely in pure HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP. No CMS was used. This website is what a Professional HTML Build resembles.

Many features went into the making of this website including but not limited to: custom pop-out menu, countdown timer, contact forms, photo page with lightbox gallery, image uploading, and more.

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